Boutiika – Easy Shopping for the Fashionista Traveler

BoutiikaIf you love discovering off the beaten path shops and are eager for alternative options to the usual high street mayhem, then is for you.

Women love Boutiika as it’s a unique search engine that allows users to find independent fashion boutiques while exploring the neighborhoods of their favorite cities at the same time. You may finally find that elusive travel outfit you have always wanted but could not get in the run of the mill shops as Boutiika makes it easy and fun for shoppers to discover stores with products that best match their personal style.

You can keep track of the cool places for that rare travel gear with Boutiika as it simplifies the boutique search process with neighborhood maps, and curated results and recommendations. You can also interact with linked social media, and tap into the latest trends on travel gear, news and events via Boutiika’s blog.

Boutiika supports local businesses who understand the desire for something different by giving them a rich communication channel to share their offerings with new and existing customers, ultimately leading to increased footfall at their stores. In turn, independent designers can use Boutiika to find such stores to showcase their collections in.

The growing site currently offers an online independent boutique guide to New York City, and recently expanded to San Francisco.

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