Briggs & Riley Introduces Shrink-to-fit Luggage

Women will love the practicality of the newly redesigned Baseline Collection for 2012 of Briggs & Riley Luggage!

It’s like magic! Briggs & Riley, who is already acclaimed for beautifully engineered, durable suitcases, is now empowering travelers with the next generation of lightweight luggage- whose size they can customize. Compressing down or expanding up based on exactly what is packed; this innovation is Briggs & Riley’s version of the new normal – or as they call it, the New Baseline. No more zippered expansion! Meet the luggage collection that once it’s packed and zipped closed, compresses to fit around your belongings; adjusting to how much or how little expansion you actually need. Briggs & Riley’s flagship Baseline Collection is packing perfected, changing the game for women travelers in the know.

Integrated into the bags’ expandable frame is some inconspicuously brilliant engineering: a mechanism which allows the frame of the case to expand and then shrink back down to conform to your belongings. While packing, simply release the latch, expand bag to its fullest size and load up. When you’re done, zip shut the bag as you have always done and then push down – no more sitting on your suitcase – and watch it mold to the size of your clothes.

In the era of baggage check fees and overhead-compartment turf-wars, the practical benefits to this shrink-to-fit brilliance are clear. Save money on the way to your destination by packing in the fewest amount of bags, and have the extra space you’ll need for the souvenirs for the trip back home. The needs of us women travelers change, so our bags change with them. After all, we now have smart cars and smart phones, why not smart luggage?

Naturally, because it’s a Briggs & Riley, all bags are covered with an unconditional lifetime performance warranty. Among other new features in the Baseline Collection for 2012 are: an extra wide gusseted front zippered pocket so travelers can easily access items inside, a lighter, stronger Outsider® handle for wrinkle-free flat packing inside, beefed up corner guards to protect the bag, and a newly tethered add-a-bag strap, eliminating loss or misplacement of this small yet important tool. It’s exactly the kind of innovation you can expect from Briggs & Riley. Briggs & Riley’s re-engineered Baseline Collection will be available in stores and on its website in August 2012.


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Briggs Riley Luggage:  Briggs & Riley

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